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Kestrel Aviation Management – Your Aviation Advisory and Asset Management Partner.


Over three hundred and fifty large commercial and corporate aircraft valued at over US$50 billion purchased and sold and US$9 billion of financing arranged on behalf of airlines, governments, corporations, investors and high net worth individuals.


The principals of Kestrel have been involved in the aviation industry for more than 37 years. We are specialists in all aspects of airliner and corporate aircraft acquisition, sale, modification and financing, and have strong relationships throughout Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Gulfstream, Embraer, ATR and other commercial and corporate aircraft manufacturers, up to CEO level.


Kestrel Aviation Management is a market leader in the purchase, modification and sale of Head of State and corporate aircraft. Kestrel, has turn-key project managed the purchase, cabin design, outfitting and sale of 44 large corporate aircraft including 11 widebody and 10 narrowbody platforms from Airbus and Boeing.  A strong buyer’s advocate will ensure the best result while saving you time and money.




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At A Glance

Over US$50 billion in Aviation Transaction

Over 300 commercial aircraft purchased & sold

47 Head of State and corporate aircraft purchased & sold

Over US$9 billion in Aviation Financing

Clients in: Africa , Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America & Middle East

8 airlines

Why Us?


Would you engage in any new, high-value business venture without appropriate analysis, due diligence and impartial guidance from professional advisors and subject experts? Aviation transaction risk requires sound professional advice.


Kestrel Aviation Management is ideally qualified to be your aviation partner, supplementing not replacing your current in-house team and existing professional advisors and consultants with its unique knowledge base. We offer enlightened insights, unparalleled buying power, specialized negotiating skills, as well as an anticipation of potential risks on every aviation transaction.


Most of our business originates from client recommendation or repeat mandates. Our customer focus, integrity, professionalism, trustworthiness and excellent reputation in the industry underpin our service offering.