Airliner Conversions – Curating Lifestyle in Flight


Today, luxury is increasingly defined by experiences. At Kestrel Aviation Management, we are curating lifestyle in flight. Turning visions into reality.


VIP cabin definition should coincide with the negotiation of the Aircraft Purchase Agreement


Kestrel, has turn-key project managed the purchase, cabin design, outfitting and sale of 44 large corporate aircraft including 11 widebody and 10 narrowbody platforms from Airbus and Boeing. Our customer base includes Governments, Corporations and High Net Worth families. Our experience is unmatched in this sector of corporate aviation.


Kestrel’s role is not just about producing outstanding large corporate interiors, it’s about driving the entire process from aircraft purchase, design, modification to delivery and entry into service. On large corporate aircraft, our extensive experience, the scale of our work, and results are compelling. Our airliner conversion service includes:

  • Evaluation, Selection and Purchase of the new Aircraft
  • Turn-key Project Management
  • Interior Definition & Preliminary Design
  • Cabin & Engineering Specifications
  • Material Selection
  • Cabin Designer & Completion Centre Selection
  • Modification Contracts Negotiation (cabin designer, completion center)
  • Build Oversight (fabrication and integration)
  • Certification & Regulatory Compliance Audit
  • Supplier Management
  • Management of Contract Compliance
  • Aircraft Entry Into-Service Assistance


We have managed the purchase and conversion of 21 Airbus and Boeing corporate aircraft since 1998 ranging in size from an Airbus ACJ319 to a Boeing BBJ747-8.
Kestrel is unique in having project-managed the cabin outfitting of the first Boeing BBJ 787 with its unique composite structure and nearly all-electrical architecture.