Boeing BBJ 787 Quotes


On the design concept

“As we did not have an end-user identified, we were obliged to become a curator of a client’s needs and wants on an ultra-long-haul corporate aircraft. Our primary aim was to minimize the physical toll that a passenger would suffer on an aircraft that is capable of 17-hour flights. To achieve this, we needed to push the frontiers of luxury, bespoke aircraft cabin design”


“Kestrel had previously managed the cabin modification of ten widebody Head of State corporate aircraft, so our extensive experience enabled us to define which key cabin features would be preferred by potential customers be they government, corporate or high net worth families. The challenge was not only getting the cabin concept right but also ensuring that these concepts were compatible with the unique structural characteristics of the carbon-fibre 787”


“The design concept needed to convey a multi-cultural feeling of Zen, an oasis of peace, soft earth tones, uncluttered flowing lines with the absence of sharp edges, good control of natural and artificial mood lighting. To the touch, we wanted a design that felt organic with surfaces that invited emotional as well as physical connection. Noise and vibration were addressed with extensive soundproofing”


“Some designers have offered cabin concepts for the BBJ 787 but many of these proved incompatible with the technical realities of this aircraft type. Kestrel is the first to convert a visionary cabin concept to a luxury BBJ 787, certificated and ready for service”


On the technical challenges

“The 787 is a carbon-fibre composite, nearly all-electrical aircraft. Given that we were the first to manage the installation of a high-end bespoke cabin in such an aircraft, Kestrel had to become innovative disruptors on this project. The risks were high ”


“Much of our experience with installing VVIP cabins on legacy, metal aircraft was of limited relevance to the BBJ 787. An entire new data set would need to be sourced from Boeing to facilitate the design and installation of the high-end cabin. Unlike an airliner, the cabin of a large corporate aircraft is a one-of-a-kind project with bespoke cabin features that require totally different structural solutions and data requirements.”


“The aircraft’s complex electrical design and unique software architecture also presented a steep learning curve in the integration of the cabin design and associated systems onto the basic 787 BBJ.”


On the management of the programme

“Kestrel had total turnkey responsibility for this first true BBJ 787 from original aircraft purchase through cabin design concept and cabin modification to delivery to the end user.”


“Large corporate aircraft are delivered “green” to the customer, that is, without cabin furnishings. This requires the customer’s programme manager to define a cabin concept, undertake conceptual and detailed design and arrange for cabin engineering, manufacture and installation.”


“We assisted the owner in the purchase of the “green aircraft” from Boeing, the derivation of the first BBJ 787 specification with Boeing, oversight of the build of the aircraft by Boeing and took delivery of the aircraft on the owner’s behalf.”


Kestrel produced the original deckplan concept and appointed Pierrejean Design Studio of Paris, France to refine this and produce 2D and 3D drawings and renderings of the cabin. We selected the cabin outfitter and negotiated the modification agreement and detailed cabin specification. We oversaw the engineering, fabrication and installation of the cabin by the outfittert and finally accepted the completed aircraft for the owner.


“We are proud to have been retained by our principal to market and sell the completed aircraft. Market interest on this exceptional aircraft was predictably high and the aircraft was sold with modest effort. It will enter service in Asia later this year. We have serious interest from disappointed buyers to produce similarly configured, Kestrel-curated BBJ 787s.”


On the partnership

“The fact that this 787 BBJ was redelivered in July 2016 largely on schedule, to budget and below the contracted cabin weight is a testament to the strict oversight and comprehensive control processes adopted by Kestrel with the co-operation and support of the cabin outfitter. The degree of interaction required between the two companies needed to be uncharacteristically intense if the very high standards set by Kestrel were to be achieved. Each party had liberal access to each other’s records, resources and experience so that solutions were collaborative, making the best use of each party’s experience and capabilities.”


“Kestrel views its role as a transformer of a customer’s vision and expectations to the delivery of a solution. We need to interpret their requirements and be sensitive to the principal’s culture and objectives whilst still driving innovation. The aircraft type is only one facet of the process”


“Kestrel’s role is not just about producing outstanding corporate interiors, it’s about driving the entire process from aircraft purchase, design, modification to delivery and entry into service. On large corporate aircraft, no one does that better.”