The First Ever BBJ 787


Unveiled in Geneva, Switzerland at the 2016 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition, Kestrel Aviation Management managed the purchase, modification and sale of the first-ever VVIP custom Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) 787-8. This 2,400 sq.ft., 40-seat corporate aircraft has nearly 9,800 nautical mile range and the ability to fly over 17 hours, non-stop between almost all major cities on earth.


This is the eleventh wide-body corporate jet Kestrel Aviation Management has turn-key project-managed and the first we have been able to show in public.
The interior design was produced by Kestrel Aviation Management together with Pierrejean Design Studio of Paris. Kestrel negotiated and oversaw the modification of the aircraft. Kestrel marketed, negotiated and has closed the sale to an Asian operator.


In this BBJ 787, Kestrel sourced and customized unique materials never before seen in large scale on corporate aircraft.


Our BBJ 787’s very low noise and vibration and lower cabin altitude minimize passenger fatigue as do optimised air filtration and distribution.


Kestrel aimed for a design that would feel Luxuriously Organic. Very favorable reception by the privileged few who visited the aircraft at EBACE confirmed that we had achieved a harmonious integration of luxury and technological innovation.


The cabin design was optimized for long-haul flying and comprises zones that, in our experience, reflect the requirements of government, corporate and high net worth principals, such as privacy with discrete guest and staff segregation. Innovative material, texture, color and mood lighting choices offer a visually relaxing and functional, high-quality ambience with no clutter.


Features include a grand entry with high domed ceilings, hardwood flooring, sculpted doors, marble bathrooms, oversize shower, hand- tufted carpet with silk accents, and architectural pieces in unique materials.


Tablets located throughout the cabin control lighting, video monitors, audio, window shades and flight attendant requests.


 As Fortune magazine says, “It’s the modern day, irresistible wide-body version of the magic carpet ride!”