Genesis of a Large Corporate Jet Acquisition


Kestrel’s turn-key management of the first BBJ 787 provides a useful insight on the steps involved in purchasing and modifying a large corporate aircraft.

Kestrel performed the following services to our client on the first completed Boeing BBJ 787:

  • Manage the purchase of the “green aircraft” including the negotiation of the purchase agreement
  • Develop the first BBJ 787 specification with Boeing and select all the specification options on the owner’s behalf
  • Oversee the build of the aircraft by Boeing and take delivery of the aircraft on the owner’s behalf, including negotiation of the manufacturer’s Commitment Letter.
  • Produce the deckplan concept and appoint the designer, Pierrejean Design Studio of Paris, France, to refine this and produce 2D and 3D drawings and renderings for the owner’s approval.
  • Select the cabin outfitter on the owner’s behalf and negotiate the modification agreement and detailed cabin specification with said installer/outfitter
  • Oversee the engineering, fabrication and installation of the cabin by the outfitter and accept the completed aircraft on the owner’s behalf
  • Manage all the financial administration of the purchase of the aircraft and the cabin outfitting
  • Negotiation of aircraft maintenance and other support arrangements.
  • Market the completed aircraft for sale
  • Negotiation of Letter of Intent, Purchase Agreement and manage delivery to the buyer
  • Negotiation of Aircraft Operating Agreement and preparation for FAA Part 125 operations


Many claim that they can provide bespoke turn-key services, but few can truly provide such a complete spectrum and track record of integrated services on the acquisition of large and complex corporate aircraft.