Aviation Asset Management

Our team brings over 40 years of in-depth experience in both commercial and private aviation. We provide strategic as well as tactical management of aircraft assets, product innovation and business optimization. Kestrel Aviation is without equal in delivering a unique blend of depth and breadth of aviation expertise to its clients. Our organization provides diverse services to governments, investors, high net worth families, heads of state, corporations and commercial airlines.


  1. Commercial Airline Advisory: Corporate & Business Strategy, Aircraft Portfolio Management, Aircraft Evaluation & Fleet Planning, Corporate & Fleet Financial Planning & Optimization, Aircraft Purchase & Sales, Aviation Asset Management, Business & Regulatory Affairs, Brand & Product Strategy, M&A Consultancy, Restructuring, Board Advisory

  3. Private Aircraft / Fleet Advisory: Aircraft Portfolio Management, Aircraft Purchase & Sales, Aircraft Evaluation & Economic Analysis, Financial Planning / Optimization, Aviation Asset Management

  5. Aircraft Transactional Management: Aircraft Acquisition Strategy, Negotiation and Contracting of Aircraft Purchase & Sale, Transaction Financing (buy / lease)

  7. Aircraft & Fleet Product: Aircraft Cabin Design, Cabin Product Definition & Specification, Interior Design & Engineering Management, Supplier Negotiation & Oversight, Product Launch & Entry into Service

  9. Aircraft Modification: Turn-key Project Management, Cabin & Engineering Specifications, Cabin Designer & Completion Centre Selection, Modification Contracts Negotiation (cabin designer, completion center), Build Oversight (fabrication and integration), Certification & Regulatory Compliance Audit, Supplier Management, Management of Contract Compliance & Aircraft Entry Into Service Assistance