Corporate & Private Aviation Advisory


Today, luxury is increasingly defined by experiences, At Kestrel, we are curating lifestyle in flight, taking vision to reality.
Kestrel Aviation Management is a market leader in the purchase, modification and sale of large Head of State and corporate aircraft. Kestrel, has turn-key project managed the purchase, cabin design, outfitting and sale of 44 large corporate aircraft including 11 widebody and 10 narrowbody platforms from Airbus and Boeing.
We give our clients the advantage of unparalleled depth and breadth of experience. On their behalf, we are innovators and advocates, conceiving and optimizing the very technical and challenging processes of aircraft & fleet analysis, purchasing and sales, business planning, product design, cabin conversions, aircraft modification with a high level of clarity, integrity and precision.
Choosing Right – Analyzing the best choice of aircraft on such criteria as size, range, passenger payload, cabin product & technology, ramp presence, annual utilization, purchase price and residual value and ownership and operating costs, our services include:

    1. Private Aircraft / Fleet Advisory Corporate Aircraft Portfolio Management, Aircraft Purchase & Sales, Aircraft Evaluation & Economic Analysis, Financial Planning / Optimization, Aviation Asset Management.

    3. Aircraft Acquisition: Aircraft & systems comparative analysis, evaluation and selection, Negotiation of letter of intent and purchase agreement with airframe and engine manufacturers including warranties and guarantees, Negotiation of GTA, technical support agreement with the engine manufacturer.

    5. Aircraft Modification: Turn-key Project Management, Aircraft Cabin Design, Cabin Product Definition, Cabin & Engineering Specifications, Cabin Designer & Completion Center Selection, Modification Contracts Negotiation (cabin designer, completion center), Build Oversight (fabrication and integration), Certification & Regulatory Compliance Audit, Supplier Management, Management of Contract Compliance & Aircraft Entry into Service Assistance.