Corporate Aircraft Sales

Selling a large corporate aircraft requires an in-depth understanding of market supply and demand, type-specific knowledge of the aircraft being sold and above all excellent connections and awareness of seller and buyer expectations in what is a very specialized sector. The larger the corporate aircraft the more critical these skills become.

With such a bespoke product, real-time market awareness is a prerequisite. We need to be aware of how the aircraft we are selling compares with others in the market; what differentiates our specific aircraft and how it can be enhanced or modified to facilitate a sale. With large corporate aircraft there are often few alternatives so the value proposition must be very clearly presented to potential buyers.

The sale of large corporate aircraft is not about placing an advert, broadcasting a specification sheet and advising the asking price. We engage one-to-one with prospective buyers with proposals that are professional, relevant and compelling. An effective and creative advertising strategy supports this.

A successful transaction is one where all involved parties experience a sense of success. Various factors determine market value of an aircraft – cosmetic and technical condition, specification, maintenance history, operational costs, and basic supply and demand, among others. Kestrel has the knowledge and experience in large corporate aircraft sales to articulate these factors to buyers and sellers and reconcile their respective expectations. The recent sale of the world’s first Boeing BBJ 787 aircraft confirms Kestrel’s outstanding abilities.


The corporate aircraft market is broad. Kestrel is focused primarily on the top end of this market. We specialize in selling long-range corporate aircraft with greater than 15 seats and in particular Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Gulfstream products. Kestrel has in-depth knowledge of these aircraft types from technical and commercial perspective to the potential buyers.

Kestrel Aviation Management is your ideal partners in the sale of large corporate aircraft.