Why Us?


Aviation is a High Risk Business…


Any new business venture requires appropriate analysis, due diligence and impartial guidance from professional advisors and subject experts. Aviation is no different.


Kestrel Aviation Management is ideally qualified to be your partner, supplementing not replacing your current in-house team and existing professional advisors with its unique knowledge base.


Most of our business originates from client recommendation or repeat mandates. Our customer focus, integrity, professionalism, trustworthiness and excellent reputation in the industry underpin our service offering.

  • Four Decades of Commercial and Private Aviation Experience
  • Proven track record as aviation advisor to airlines, corporate, government, financial institutions, and high net worth families.
  • Over US $50 Billion in aviation transactions
  • Over US $9 Billion in aviation financing
  • Over 350 large commercial and corporate aircraft purchased or sold
  • Structured and Launched two commercial aircraft leasing companies
  • Started or Restructured eight airlines in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, the Caribbean and Latin America.
  • Managed two European airline acquisitions
  • Managed numerous bank-owned commercial aircraft portfolios
  • Turn-key managed the conversion of twenty large head of state and private aircraft
  • Proven high-level connections in the aviation industry, globally.


Our outstanding experience in both the commercial airline and private aircraft sectors provide our clients with an unmatched, competitive edge including:

  • Unmatched current industry knowledge, insights and relationships
  • Advanced analytical and negotiating skills
  • Anticipation and mitigation of potential risks
  • An unparalleled buying power from multiple recent transactions
  • A geographically diverse customer base
  • Innovation, problem-solving, integrity, technical excellence, and artistry
  • A trustworthy advocate of our client’s interests


What sets Kestrel Aviation Management apart is the fact that we can provide a comprehensive advisory service to clients ranging from airlines, corporate jet operators, governments, financial institutions, investors, and high net worth families drawing from a very broad as well as detailed experience based on many commercial and corporate transactions for satisfied clients.
Many claim that they can provide bespoke turn-key services, but few can truly provide such a complete spectrum and track record of integrated services on large and complex airliner and corporate aircraft.